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Oriental Dishes


* Singapore Noodles/Stir Fry Noodles

* Egg Fried Rice/Mixed Vegetable Rice

* Beef in Chili Black Bean Sauce

* Chicken Curry Sauce

* Stir Fried Beef Topside with Exotic Spice

* King Prawn Curry

* Sweet and Sour Chicken

* Chow Mein (Vegetarian)

* Pork Chops Creole Style



Caribbean Dishes


* Rice and Peas

* Curry Goat

* Caribbean Jerk Chicken

* Caribbean Jerk Seasoned Vegetable (Vegetarian)

* Traditional Caribbean Curry Lamb/Chicken/Vegetable

* Oxtail Soup (Dumplings, Green Bananas, Potatoes and Yam) 

* Roti Skin (traditional Flat Bread Fillet with Curry or

Vegetable of your choice)

* Caribbean Lentils Beans

* Jerk Pork



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